NFL 2 weeks in: 3 intruging storylines, 3 questions for week 3.

The first two weeks of the NFL season have come and gone. Here are 3 of the things that have intrigued me, and 3 questions for week 3.

Patrick Mahomes

The Patrick Mahomes era in Kansas City has began with a 2-0 start with the young gunglinger throwing 10 touchdowns through the teams first 2 games of the season, which is an NFL record. If that somehow doesn’t impress you, Mahomes is also averaging an insane 10.6 yards per attempt and has yet to throw an interception. The start Mahomes has gotten off to is massively impressive and people need to take notice.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Buccaneers were supposed to start the season 0-3 with the suspension of Jameis Winston. No one had them being 2-0 right now with wins on the road against last years division winning Saints and vs the defending superbowl champions. Just like how no one had Fitzpatrick leading the entire league in yards (819) and yards per attempt (13.4) through 2 games along with throwing 8 touchdowns and 1 interception. It doesn’t matter when Winston is back, you can’t put Fitzpatrick on the bench with the way he’s been playing.


Vontae Davis retirement.

This was just bizarre. Vontae Davis retired and left the stadium DURING halftime of the Bills-Chargers game. Have you ever heard of a player doing that before? I know I haven’t. Later, Davis said “This isn’t how I pictured retiring from the NFL”


Three questions for week 3


Jets-Browns showdown

The Browns are 1-32-1 under Hue Jackson. Despite that, they are favored to win Thursday nights showdown against the Jets. They have come awfully close the past two weeks, will this be the game they snatch their first win since December 2016? For the Jets, a win would get the Sam Darnold era off to a positive 2-1 start. The Browns could have had Darnold in Aprils draft, will they have any regrets Thursday night?


How much will Josh Gordon impact the Patriots?

Just a day after getting smacked in the AFC title game rematch, the Patriots went out and traded for the former Cleveland Brown. The WR position was looking like a major weakness for the Patriots, but the acquisition of Gordon and Julian Edelman returning in 2 weeks changes things. After his long absence, Gordon has averaged 59 yards per game and totaled 2 touchdowns in his past 6 games with mostly bad quarterback play. Those numbers should be expected to rise with Tom Brady throwing him the football.


Monday Night Football: Steelers-Buccaneers

Before the season, the Steelers were viewed as contenders and the Buccaneers were in shambles. Now? The Buccaneers are atop of the loaded NFC and the Steelers are off to a disappointing start. Will Ryan Fitzpatrick continue his dominant stretch of football? Will the Steelers go on the road and pick up their first win of the season?


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