All-Star Game Lineups Revealed – Comments and Predictions

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2018 turns over a new leaf in the NBA. As the Western Conference gets more and more stacked compared to the weaker Eastern Conference, the league has decided (as of Oct. 3, 2017) to revamp the annual All-Star Game from its original East vs West format to a new style. Two captains (One East and one West, based on the higher total number of votes) pick teams from a pool of starters, and then a pool of reserves. This new “pickup” style has always been a thought in many fans’ mind. ”

What if LeBron James AND Kevin Durant played on the same team?”

Well, it can happen!

“What if Steph Curry could team up with multiple All-Stars and create an unfair superteam?”

Well, now in the All-Star-…

Oh wait, that’s already done.

Regardless, today (January 25th, 2018), Team LeBron James and Team Steph Curry have picked their teams. Let’s talk about them.

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