SmackDown Live Results, Recap and Reactions: Charlotte Named #1 Contender

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This week’s SmackDown Live was sure to be interesting after last week’s fiasco, which featured Kevin Owens beating up and bloodying the boss himself, Mr. McMahon. Here’s this week’s SmackDown Live recap:


The show opens with Shane McMahon, who looks and sounds very concerned. He spends no time dancing around or trying to get cheap pops from the crowd. Instead, he proceeds to directly address Kevin Owens. He doesn’t beat around the bush, either. He calls Kevin a coward, and guarantees that a beating is in order for Kevin Owens come Hell In A Cell.

Later in the show,¬†Kevin Owens is cuts a promo via satellite and says that his actions were the fault of Shane McMahon. He also warns Shane that his beating on him will be much worse than Kevin’s beating on Shane’s father.


On paper, this match looks frustratingly boring. However, it was actually a decent match. English was able to get a solid amount of offense in before receiving a picture-perfect #RKOOUTTANOWHERE while coming off the second rope.

Post-match, Rusev comes out with a microphone to interrupt Randy’s celebration. He’s still not happy after what took place at SummerSlam and he decides to take it out on Orton right then and there.

Orton is up, a ref is still in the ring, so an official match takes place. The bell is rung, and thanks to a distraction by Aiden English, Rusev is able to pin Randy after connecting with a superkick.

After the commercial break, Rusev is backstage and he is pumped up after his big win. He walks up to Renee Young, who says to him, “You look elated!” “What does that mean?” Rusev says, remaining excited.

He walks off, chanting “Rusev number one! Rusev number one!”

How can you not love this guy?


Jinder Mahal walks out with The Singh Brothers and, oh no, he’s set to cut another promo. Let’s hope it’s not anything like last wee–

Mahal does exactly the same thing.

I almost feel bad for him, having to perform these cringeworthy promos.

Eventually, Nakamura’s music hits and–

Wait, no, those magical violins never sounded. Just ten minutes of Jinder Mahal doing the exact same thing he did last week: showing funny Shinsuke faces on the big screen.


After a commercial break, Renee is backstage with Nakamura to get his reaction. It was short and sweet: he says he’s getting that WWE title.



AJ Styles is here and it’s time for another United States Championship open challenge! Beforehand, Styles cuts a promo guaranteeing failure for Baron Corbin in their upcoming match. He also warns Kevin Owens of the severity of the situation that he has gotten himself into.

Before the match can begin, Corbin attacks AJ. Tye Dillinger comes out to make the save, and AJ is able to put Corbin in the Calf Crusher. Styles keeps the hold in long enough to prevent any further damage from Corbin and the segment ends with AJ overlooking Corbin.

After the commercial break, Baron is backstage with Renee Young. The Lone Wolf vows to get even with AJ and Tye.


Charlotte comes out, and thanks the fans for all the support for Ric Flair as he battled with his sickness.

Natalya interrupts and says that we need to focus on something more important. She brings a giant, curtained-off picture to the ring and decides to make this a time for a “celebration of women” and says she is particularly proud of one person. She pulls back the curtain to reveal a picture of herself.

The disrespect.

Charlotte then immediately challenges for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Becky Lynch’s music hits and she says that she also wants a shot at the title.

Naomi enters, then Tamina, and everybody wants a shot at Natalya’s championship.


Daniel Bryan enters and sets up a Fatal-4-Way #1 Contender’s Match, to take place in the main event slot tonight.


This match goes on for about ten minutes before The New Day pick up the win with the Midnight Hour. The Usos, who were on commentary for this match, stare down the SmackDown Tag Team Champions to end the segment.

Side note: I’m really excited for this upcoming rematch between these two teams. They have great chemistry and always put on great matches. If given enough time, these two teams could really do something special.

Later in the show, frustration is beginning to boil over for The Hype Bros. They are sick of losing and Mojo says that changes might be in order.


Dolph Ziggler walks out and prepares the WWE Universe for another gimmick-fest. Tonight, it’s Triple H, Shawn Michaels and D-Generation-X. He didn’t mock CM Punk, despite the crowd’s wishes.


After a solid 15 minute match that featured a bunch of neat spots, Charlotte picks up the win after hitting Tamina with a big boot. It’s going to be Charlotte vs. Natalya for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Hell In A Cell!

Overall, this was a solid episode of SmackDown Live. It had high spots, it had some very low spots, but overall, I was sports-entertained, It was a little promo-heavy though. What did you think of SmackDown Live? Are you looking forward to Hell In A Cell? Be sure to leave your comments below!




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