WWE Recap: Smackdown in Las Vegas

Recap of Shane and Kevin Owens from last week. Kevin crossed the line when he said that Shane’s kids would be better off if he has not survived.

WWE chairman Mr. McMahon back to address Kevin Owens. Kevin is laughing at all the changes he thinks he is going to make. Daniel Bryan on his way to the ring.

Tag team belts, Women’s title, United States Title are all on the line tonight.

*United States Championship – A.J Styles vs Tye Dillinger

This should be a good match. Tye is going to push A.J. A.J forced him to tap out, offering Tye a handshake after the match out of respect. Corbin Barron attacks A.J at ringside and tells A.J that he is his opponent next week.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers in the ring. Jinder will face Shinsuke Nakamura at Hell in a Cell. Jinder trying to be funny.

*Tag Team Championship

The Usos vs @ members of The New Day (Kofi and Big E) its been one hell of a fight. No one is holding back. Who knew that New Day would pull this out, they beat The Usos at their own game.

*Women’s Title match

Carmella at ringside with James Ellsworth. Thanks to Carmella and James Natalya keeps the belt.

Dolph Ziggler trying to find an entrance. Used to like Dolph and now he has become a joke.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin defeat the Hype Bros in a short match.

The Return of the Boss

Vince in the ring with Kevin Owens. Vince talking about respect and how Kevin doesn’t seem to have any. Owens files the lawsuit and he will be fired. Vince didn’t suspend Shane because he didn’t finish the job. Vince announcing a match between Kevin and Shame in Hell in a Cell. Holy Crap, Kevin just head butted Vince. Kevin frog splashed Vince and left the ring but Stephanie walked up behind Kevin.



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