What would the Bulls do without Dwyane Wade?

Over the past 24 hours, rumors have developed that the Chicago Bulls could buyout Dwyane Wade’s contract. The process would mean that the Bulls would pay out the rest of Wade’s contract and release him, thus allowing him to sign wherever he wants.

Chicago is undergoing a much-needed rebuild, which likely isn’t what Wade wants at point in his career. At 35 (36 this January), he is entering the twilight of his storied career. He wanted to play for his hometown team, which he got to do. Now, he has something new on his mind: winning another championship. He won’t be able to do that with the Bulls.

We know what Wade would plan on doing if he reach to reach a buyout, but what would the Bulls do?

For starters, it would confirm their committing to building towards the future. Wade is arguably the best player on their roster, so buying out his contract would prove that they aren’t too worried about winning now.

A buyout would be a good move to help their younger players get playing time. With Wade, the average age of Chicago’s estimated¬†starting lineup is 26.2 years old. Without him, however, the average age would drop to 23.8. That would be a huge step forward for a team looking to get younger.

Buying out Wade’s deal would also allow head coach Fred Hoiberg to better utilize his “Hoiball” system. Wade, Rajon Rondo and (arguably) Jimmy Butler were not good fits for the offense. With all three of those players gone, Hoiberg could finally experiment the style of play that had him so highly touted out of Iowa State. Not having Wade would make the Bulls’ lineup more athletic and better at shooting.

Sure, not having D-Wade on the roster would likely mean that Chicago would lose a few more games. However, at the stage they’re at, it’s not about winning; it’s about preparing for the future.

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