After Chiefs/Rams, What’s Next for the NFL?

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There was a time when the NFL was all about defense. As illustrated in last night’s Kansas City Chiefs – Los Angeles Rams shootout, times have changed. Back in the day, the rules didn’t heavily favor the offense. This year, teams are scoring more than ever, and with all the ratings and attention last nights game received, the NFL doesn’t want that to change.

I used to be a believer in “defense wins championships” theory, but I’m not sure if I feel that way anymore. The top 5 teams in points per game are the Chiefs (37), Rams (34.9), Saints (34.9), Steelers (28.8), and Bears (28.7). Those teams have a combined record of 40-11-1. While the top 5 teams in points per game allowed are the Ravens (17.8), Cowboys (18.6), Texans (19.6), Bears (20.1) and Jaguars (20.2), those teams have a combined record of just 28-22.

With everyone seeing what Sean McVay has done for the Rams, and the league trending towards offense, will anyone even want defensive-minded head coaches anymore? If not, that could be bad news for Todd Bowles of the New York Jets and Steve Wilks of the Arizona Cardinals, two defensive minds with rookie first-round starting quarterbacks. We all know that some of the NFL teams with head coaching vacancies will go after Lincoln Riley of the Oklahoma Sooners, but what about the other offensive minds in the Big 12? Shootouts such as last night have been the norm in the Big 12 for quite some time now; they know all about the offenses that some teams are trying to emulate. Could we see Patrick Mahomes’ former college coach and current Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury generate interest from NFL teams? What about Mike Gundy from Oklahoma State?

There have been a lot of touchdowns and points scored by offenses this current NFL season, and that likely will not change

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