NFL Week 1 Recap: Let The Games Begin

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Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season is in the books. Much occurred through the first week of action, but can we expect these things to continue the rest of the way?

Joe Mixon – Breakout Candidate?

The 2017 draft class was filled with promising running backs: Leonard Fournette, Christain McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook. But how about Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Mixon? The former second-round pick kicked off his second season in the league with 149 total yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. Could Mixon be a candidate for a breakout campaign in 2018?

Defense dooms New Orleans again

After years of struggles, the New Orleans Saints finally got Drew Brees what he deserved last season: an excellent defense. However, the Saints defensive unit was absolutely horrendous last Sunday, allowing 48 points to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So, was last year’s surprise performance a one year fluke? We’ll have to find out as the season progress.

Wide receiver play stymies Cowboys’ attack

The Dallas Cowboys entered this season with questions at the wide receiver position. That question was only reaffirmed after last Sunday’s loss at the Carolina Panthers. In full, Dallas’ playcalling was very predictable, and the offense put up a meager eight points.

Ryan Fitzpatrick…is a competent starter?

Remember when the Buccaneers were guaranteed to start 0-3 because of Jameis Winston’s suspension? On Sunday, Ryan Fitzpatrick shocked the world by completing 21-of-28 passes for 417 yards while totaling five touchdowns and zero turnovers in a 48-40 victory on the road against the Saints. If Fitzpatrick continues to play like this, there’s no way Jameis Winston should get his starting job back.

Is Joe Flacco back?

Joe Flacco has struggled over his past two seasons, which is the Baltimore Ravens dipped into the first round of last spring’s draft to select quarterback Lamar Jackson in the first round. To the surprise of some, Flacco played well on Sunday, completing 25-of-his-34 passes for 236 yards, three TDs, and zero INTs. Could we be seeing an improved and motivated Flacco in 2018?

Browns/Steelers fiasco

The Browns didn’t lose? Yes, that’s correct. People will overreact and call the Steelers overrated, but the truth of the matter is that the Steelers have been a team that’s struggled on the road for a while now. They even almost lost to the Browns Week 1 of last season.

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