Devin Booker: The Young Gem of the NBA

Devin Booker, one of the young, talented guards of the NBA, displayed great potential when he first entered the league. He was a young guard coming off an unbelievable season at Kentucky. Although he only averaged 10 points per game the Wildcats were undefeated until they suffered their first loss of the season in the Final Four to Wisconsin.  During his year at Kentucky Booker was a star in the shadows. In the 2015 draft Devin Booker slid to 13th overall, but 3 of his Kentucky teammates were selected before him. His time spent on the floor in college was around so much talent that he didn’t get to fully display his potential. He did however display his potential to score efficiently. He shot 47% from the field and 41% from three point range in college. Booker showed his ability in college and took it to the next level after entering the NBA.

A Rising Star

Since arriving to the league Booker has been nothing short of amazing. In his first season his former college teammate, Karl-Anthony Towns, was by the far the rookie of the year averaging 18 points and 10.5 rebounds per game. Devin Booker still impressed the eyes of many. In his rookie year he averaged nearly 14 points per game on 42% shooting. In his second year he exploded, raising his points per game average to 22.1 (an increase of 8.3 ppg). He still managed to score the ball shooting 42% again. He did manage to improve his three point shot and is nearing the 40% mark. In his second year he achieved his career high in points. He erupted for 70 points at only 20 years of age.

This season Devin Booker has only made it more apparent that he is the future of the NBA. He is averaging a career high in almost every major statistical area. He’s posting 24 points, 4.8 assist, and 4.4 rebounds per game. His three point percentage, field goal percentage, and free throw percentage are all career highs as well. Although the Suns are 18-41 this season, Booker made a strong case for a possible all star selection. He’s 12th in the NBA in points per game and currently is 7th in the league for usage percentage (31.2).  He did not play in the All-Star game, but did compete in the annual 3-point competition. He posted a record breaking score of 28 out of a possible 35.

Devin Booker is the cornerstone of the Suns

Devin Booker is one of the young gems of the NBA. He’s only 21, and is already close to cracking the top 10 in points per game in the league.  The Suns recently made moves like trading Eric Bledsoe, trading for Elfrid Payton, and drafting Josh Jackson to rebuild around Devin Booker. This year the Suns may finish the season with the NBA’s worst record. This only means good things for the team. If they win the lottery and get the number 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft they’ll have a threshold of options to pair with Devin Booker. Will they go with international sensation Luka Doncic? Will they go with the hometown kid in Marvin Bagley III? Or will they out their trust in another rookie? Either way, the future is bright in the desert.

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