Player Profile: Jacoby Brissett

The 24 year-old 2nd-year QB out of NC State has made a name for himself. His lone year in New England showed his skills at such a young age and his presence under center. He was the 3rd string quarterback (behind Tom Brady and Jimmy Garappolo) there, but he is still a starting caliber player. He has proven that in Indianapolis. Brissett is a promising young QB with great upside.

Since becoming Andrew Luck’s temporary replacement this season after he was traded from New England (Brissett for Phillip Dorsett), he has shown that he can start for a team. Even with the Colts’ Offensive Line debacle and their team injury situation, he has produced 2,984 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions in 14½  games (Scott Tolzien’s Week 1, 1st half disaster vs LAR). Not bad for a 3rd round pick.

Arm Strength: I really can’t overhype Jacoby Brissett yet just because he hasn’t proven much as a backup QB. We also don’t know where his future lies with Indy, but regardless, he still deserves credit in the category. He definitely has arm strength, and is most likely in the top 10-15 in this category. He is able to get the ball down the field with ease due to his smooth movement in the pocket. This gives him the space to fire the deep ball without many problems. Of course, we haven’t seen much of his pocket passing this season as a result of the Colts’ Offensive Line, but he is a strong thrower, nevertheless.

Accuracy: Brissett’s accuracy is not one to envy, but in the West Coast passing game (short and mid passes), he gets the job done efficiently. This is again due to is movement in the pocket and his field vision. He does see the field very nicely for a young QB; this gives him a better shot at making a good read and pass. His only struggle Is his deep ball, which has proven to be very inconsistent. He sometimes struggles to hit his receiver and overthrows him.

Rushing: I have always seen Brissett as a dynamic rusher; he is one of the best in the league. He has 4 rushing touchdowns, which is tied for 6th in the league (leaders at 6 RTD). His big frame – 6’4″, 231 pounds – makes his an immediate threat to opposing defenses. He is not only fast, but he also very shifty across the line of scrimmage. He displays his fair share and jukes and spins. He is a dynamic rusher, and will continue to be in the future.

Awareness: As a young QB, he is still inexperienced. Every NFL QB learns to survey the field better and better each year. Brissett has one of the better field visions for young quarterbacks. At times, he is unaware of edge rushers pre-snap, which leads to him being forced out of the pocket and/or sacked. He makes occasional bad reads leading to interceptions, but this is common among young quarterbacks.


NOTE: Jacoby Brissett’s Scouting Report says that his pro comparison is Brett Hundley, but I personally disagree. He reminds be of Ben Roethlisberger. He is big and can get out of sacks with pure strength. He has a strong arm, leading to a nice but slightly inaccurate deep ball. His only difference with Big Ben is his mobility, Brissett is a better mobile QB, whereas Ben is a better pocket passer, but overall, this is a nice pro comparison.


 Jacoby Brissett is a future Top 10-15 QB, but it is currently unclear which team he will play for next season. He could potentially become one of the best mobile QB’s as time goes on, but we really do not know his immediate future to make any assessments. As a pure player, he excels out of the pocket, and he does well inside as well, disregarding his streaky deep ball. Overall, he will become a great player in the league, but time will tell where his ceiling is.


Arm Strength: 16/20

Accuracy: 12/20

Rushing: 14/20

Awareness: 13/20




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