RAW and Smack-down Show notes

**RAW — Kurt Angle in the ring to open the show. Roman to defend the Intercontinental Belt. Jason Jordan wants to answer Roman’s open challenge. Roman wants Samoa Joe.

Roman vs Jason Jordan with Samoa Joe sitting on the ramp. Been a hell of a fight. Jason gave him everything possible, Roman with the win.

Paige with Absolution facing Sasha Banks with Mickie James/Bayley. This is one nasty match. Thanks to the numbers game, Paige with the win. Beating up on Sasha once again. Alexa Bliss ran for the hills.

Enzo and the 205 live crew.

Elias tried to sing but the crowd has gotten restless. Braun came out, Elias ran but Braun took him out.

Asuka vs Alicia Fox – with wont last long. Foxy tapped out. Absolution at the ring again for another taunt of Asuka. Foxy caught the wrath of the trio.

Finn Balor vs Bo Dallas of The Miztourage. Finn had to jump to the middle of the ring for that finishing move on Bo.

Rollins/Ambrose vs Sheamus/Cesaro for the tag team belts. The match of the night. Ref disqualified, Sheamus/Cesaro keep the belts, Kurt makes it a no D.Q match. What the hell is Samoa Joe doing, going after Rollins/Ambrose, thanks to Joe, Sheamus/Cesaro keeps the belt.


Kevin/Sami in the ring talking about how Shane is going after them. Randy hitting Kevin with an RKO out of no where. Sami is stuck between Shane and Randy. At Clash of Champions Sami/Kevin will face Randy Orton/partner of his choosing. Kevin handcuffed to the ring rope.

Bobby Roode vs Baron Corbin – (will face Dolph Ziggler/Bobby Roode at Clash of Champions) Dolph at ringside.

Rusev/Aiden English vs The New Day –  Big E/Kofi — there were bodies all over the place but Rusev/Aiden with the win.

The Split up of the Hype Bros

Charlotte will defend the Women’s belt at Clash of Champion in a Lumber Jack match.

Bludgeon Brothers – in no time flat took out a no name tag team.

Charlotte vs Tamina – Charlotte gets Tamina to tap out

Kevin Owens handcuffed to the bottom of rope. Sami found bolt cutters and gave them to Kevin. Owens is loose, Randy is setting up Sami. Randy gets the win pinning Sami legally. It’s 2 on 1 against Randy. That is Shinsuke’s  music, Shin out to help Randy. Randy has his tag team partner.

Shane just told Daniel that he will be the guest ref at Clash of Champions and if Sami/Kevin lose they are fired.





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