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Georgia Tech gets blown out by Georgia

Georgia Tech was looking to become bowl eligible against number seven Georgia. The Jackets offensively was not able to do hardly anything against Georgia’s defense. The offense was only to get one touchdown and that was a touchdown pass by TaQuon Marshall to receiver Ricky Jeune. After the touchdown, the Jackets did not do anything else on offense. Defensively the Jackets were able to get a small amount of stops, but the offense couldn’t capitalize on the stops made by the defense and the defense had missed assignments such as missed tackles. After the game head coach Paul Johnson stated that there needs to be changes and that this season was his most disappointing at Tech. Now it is hard to believe that this season is his most disappointing season considering that Georgia Tech 3-9 just two years ago. As for changes, many Tech fans are wanting defensive coordinator Ted Roof to be fired. This season Tech fans have witness the defense lose games for the Jackets such as the Tennessee, Miami, and Virginia game. These were three games that Tech could have easily won if they could have gotten one stop from their defense. Miami and Tennessee were the ones that hurt the most because Tech had it. Miami game all the defense had to do was knock the ball down, but the defense played prevent got killed by the same wide receiver screen for nine straight plays and Miami wins on a field goal. Tennessee turned out to be horrible this season and could not stop Georgia Tech’s offense. However, the defense played not to lose and allowed Tennessee back in the game which they would go on to win in overtime.

To go along with the defense not getting the final stop to seal the victory, it was the defense getting blown out. Duke was absolutely a joke of game because the defense was never in that game. They had 4 chances at a turnover on Duke’s opening drive, but didn’t capitalize on the opportunity. Then in the Georgia game with 48 seconds left the defense allowed Georgia to get in field goal range to make it 17-7 at the half. The defense got the stop they needed at the beginning of the third quarter, but the offense failed to capitalize on the stop and Georgia would score a touchdown to seal the game. Now if it is not the defense doing their job, then it is the offense not doing their job. In the last two games of the season against Duke and Georgia, Georgia Tech’s offense has failed to score in the second half. Duke outscored Georgia Tech in the 2nd half 23-0 and Georgia outscored Georgia Tech 21-0. So in the last two games Georgia Tech was outscored 44-0. Now Tech’s offense does deserve a little slack because this was the first time TaQuon Marshall was quarterback and the offense as well as the defense is young, but it still doesn’t change the fact Tech had at least 3 games that they should of won and 2 where they didn’t even showed up.

Georgia Tech finished the regular season 5-6. It was already announced earlier in the season that Georgia Tech would not play a twelve game. Personally, Georgia Tech should not be in a bowl game because this team has died in the last two games of the year and the defense has disappeared. If Georgia Tech makes it to the bowl, it will not be a good one. What Tech needs to regardless of a bowl game or not, they need to make the necessary changes and it needs to start with the firing of defensive coordinator Ted Roof.

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