31 st Survivor Series in Houston,Texas

The pre show featured Elias facing off against Matt Hardy. The doors are open, it’s kinda say to have a match this early in the pre show. What crowd is already seated is pulling for Matt. Elias is a good solid wrestler but can be sneaky. Matt dips into his bag or tricks to create a break. Elias takes it to Matt and gets the win.

205 Live – Cruiserweight Championship – Kalisto vs Enzo Amore — If you blink your going to miss it. Enzo has champion’s advantage. The crowd is better but still not into the match. Since splitting with Big Cass, Enzo has found quite the nasty streak. Enzo hanging Kalisto out to dry for the 2nd time but it didn’t work as Kalisto pulled himself out-of-the-way. Thanks to exposing part of the turnbuckle, Enzo works it in his favor to retain the belt.

Samy Zayne/Kevin Owens vs Breezango — Sami and Kevin complaining about how they are not on Team Blue, that it’s all Shane’s fault. Owns and Zayne get the win. It was an even match, but Owens/Zayne have that bit sneaky to pull out a win. As much as they are not liked Owens/Zayne do have fans.

The New Day vs The Shield — this match can go either way, who can play the game. Catching that edge to win. What a hell of a spear by Big E on Dean. It’s an even match in my book but who can set up and steal the win. Xavier tried an eye poke but it didn’t work. In the nick of time Woods saves the match. It’s falling apart. It fell apart but The Shield gets the well-earned win.

Lady Team Blue — Becky/Carmella/Natalya/Tamina/Naomi vs Lady Team Red — Alicia Fox/Bayley/Sasha Banks/Nia Jax/Asuka — (once eliminated off to the locker room) Bayley eliminated Becky, Asuka wasn’t sure if to take in and Sasha encouraged her to do so. Tomina takes out Bayley. 4 all. Nia and Tomina in the ring. Nia Jax is eliminated by count out. Alicia Fox and Naomi are both out. Asuka and Sasha are the only 2 left for Raw, Carmella, Tomina and Natalya are left for Smackdown. Asuka gets rid of Carmella, Sasha had to tap thanks to Tomina. Asuka turned the tables and takes out Tamina. Asuka made Natalya tap out. Team Red Wins.

Baron Corbin vs The Miz — This fight is personal. Maryse is at ringside. The universe is divided for their favorite in this match. Miz has the help from the Miztourage. Working on the knee of Corbin. Corbin has taken out Bo and Curt but the knee is still causing issues. Corbin pulls his finishing move “End of Days” out of nowhere to get the win.

The Bar (Sheamus,Cesaro) vs The Usos — this match can go either way, both team can play as dirty as ever to get the win. Sheamus and Jimmy starting the match. Cesaro with the sharpshooter on Jay. Been a great match, its everything that Survivor series is all about. Pulling out everything you have for the win. Sheamus kicking out at 2 and 1/2. This is match is going on the best of list for me today. It’s eerie to hear the kicks connecting. 2 wins all with The Usos taking the win.

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss — I am pulling for Charlotte in this, dressed in blue. Alexa in red, Charlotte and Alexa can both pull out the nasty. Alexa is dishing it out giving Charlotte everything but she is starting to get frustrated. Charlotte can play coy also. Charlotte moonsault misses, someone has to dig for the nasty. Charlotte makes the 5 feet of fury tap out.

A.J Styles vs Brock Lesnar — I am an A.J fan and would love for him to win this but its going to be an uphill battle. A.J out first tonight, Brock has had the belt for 231 days, WWE Universe sound almost even as who they are going for. Brock just threw A.J like he was a rag doll. There is no way A.J Can survive this, as much as I want him too, Brock is out of his league. No matter what A.J tries he just can’t find that opening he needs. A.J with a second wind and an open window taking Brock down. Damn, A.J went for the forearm and Brock with a german suplex. What a 450 by A.J but it wasn’t enough. They are giving as well as they are taking. A.J got the calf crusher on, Brock should have tapped out but dribbling A.J’s head was more fun. Dam it A.J for trying more time, Brock with an F5 and A.J had nothing left to kick out with.

Men’s 5 on 5 — Raw introduced with Kurt, Finn, Samoa Joe, Braun, Triple H vs Shane, Randy, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena (free agent). Shane went after Braun but that was a mistake and he got out. I like Triple H with the giggles, watching it play out. I think this can go either way. NXT chants from the crowd. Shinsuke and Finn in the ring, this would be a great match on its own, Triple H wanted in to face Shin, Bobby Roode with his first time facing Triple H, I got giggles this is great. Braun takes out Shinsuke, Bobby is out thanks to Braun.John and Randy facing Braun, The announce table is about to become a weapon. It took all of Smackdown to put Braun through the table. The let’s go cena, cena sucks is louder than the announcers. John eliminates Samoa Joe. John is out thanks to Kurt with help from Finn. It gets quiet for a bit but then crowd gets back in it. Randy with a RKO on Finn. Kevin and Sami take out Shane, thanks to a chair he is teeing off on Sami and Kevin. Randy out thanks to Braun, now its all up to Shane on his own. Triple H tagged himself in, Kurt tags himself in for a captain vs captain. Triple H just helped Shane beat Kurt, even the crowd is dumbfounded. Triple H wanted to be the one to pin Shane for the win.



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