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Jaguars D Rises Again | AFC South Weekly Report

“Sacksonville” Soars Through to Another Win

The Jaguars and a winning record isn’t normal, right? Well, get used to it. The Jags defense has proved to be the best in the league, capping off a 19-7 against the Cleveland Browns with 2 INT, 3 FR, and a TD. This defensive firepower has brought the Jaguars to a 7-3 record, putting them one game ahead of the Tennessee Titans. The tandem of Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye have been unstoppable and the front-7 storm that is Malik Jackson, Telvin Smith, Calias Campbell, Marcell Dareus, and Paul Posluszny have proven to be one of the best groups at their respective position in 2017.

This season, the Jaguars have produced 13 INT, 10 FR, and 6 TD, while only allowing 139 points. They also lead the NFL in sacks (40.0). It’s mind-boggling to see a team who went 3-13 last year to have a total reversal. Keep in mind, they’ve looked good on paper for the last couple of years, but it hasn’t been proven. Well, it was time, anyway.

Next week, the Jaguars take on the Arizona Cardinals (@Ari). The Cardinals are what they have been for the last couple of years: average. Unfortunately for them, it won’t be enough to stop the ferocious defense of Jacksonville. ESPN predicts Jacksonville to have a 4.5-point advantage and a 68% win probability.


Texans: What’s the Plan?

It seems as though the Texans are not ready to decide if they will tank this season or not. With their win against the Arizona Cardinals this past weekend (31-21), they now sit at 4-6 and are only 1 game ahead of the Indianapolis Colts. The Texans were very surprising, as they put up 31 points with Tom Savage at the helm. Dont’a Foreman played very well; he scored his first two career TD’s, but as he crossed the goal line for his 2nd, he was clipped by a defender. He tore his achilles and will likely miss the remainder of the 2017 season.

Houston’s next game will be on MNF against the Baltimore Ravens. ESPN predicts the Ravens at a 7-point spread (69.8% win percentage). This game will most likely end up being a loss for the Texans, as their struggling and injured offense won’t keep up with a powerful defense such as the Ravens’.

Can the Titans Still Win the AFC South?

The Titans just took a big hit on Thursday night, losing 40-17 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was almost known the Titans would have to lose sometime; they were on an uneventful 4-game win streak (Colts, Browns, Ravens, Bengals), but they haven’t shown they can beat a high caliber team like Pittsburgh just yet. Marcus Mariota had a s**t show, if I’m going to be blunt. He threw 1 touchdown to 4 interceptions. It was an awful performance. The Titans were dominated both on offense and defense. Antonio Brown had 3 TDs (144 yd), Ben Roethlisberger’s aging descent into the dark alley was paused for a week.

Next week, the Titans take on the Colts in a rematch from earlier this season. The Colts kept the game close last time, but Tennessee pulled away at the end. ESPN has Tennessee as 3-point favorites, which really points out Tennesee’s weakness as an overall football team. The Titans will have to step up for the remainder of the season, and if so, it’ll come down to a week 17 grudge match between the two leaders.

Indy is Thinking Long-Term

It’s pretty clear that Indianapolis’ season is virtually over; they sit 3-7 in the AFC South. Although they are only one game behind the Texans, the bigger worry is their Andrew Luck/Jacoby Brissett situation. What will they do? Andrew Luck is a borderline top-5 QB, but with his shoulder injury, he will take at least the upcoming offseason to fully heal the Pro-Bowl QB’s throwing arm. So the question remains, what do they do? With Jacoby Brissett at the helm, he brought Indianapolis an unexpected crown: “Best Backup QB in the NFL”. I mean, I’d love to disagree here, but he is definitely in the top 3. Anyway, with Luck coming back, does Indy ship Brissett and keep Luck at the helm, or do they try to package a deal together with their Pro Bowl QB? That is the biggest concern in NapTown right now.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis takes on the Tennessee Titans this coming weekend. As stated before, ESPN are Tennessee 3-point favorites in this game, and it should go as expected.

The big problem in Indy is not this season; they have moved on from this. They must decide their future, and its in the hands of none other than Andrew Luck.

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