Five Targets the Dallas Cowboys Should Look at Before the Trade Deadline

With the trade deadline approaching today at 4 PM ET, the Dallas Cowboys have several weakness they need to fill if they’re serious about a playoff push. The Dallas Cowboys are currently 4-3, which isn’t bad but also isn’t playoff worthy either. If it wasn’t for the Cowboys defense blowing big leads against the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers they would be 6-1. So, you should already know what I’m going to say their first target should be any defensive player that can strengthen a weak defense.

Although DeMarcus Lawrence has been having a stellar season with 10.5 sacks. Also, after serving a four-game suspension, David Irving has come back with aggression recording five sacks.

The first target the Cowboys should look into is finding a runner stopper defensive tackle. The Dallas Cowboys really dropped the ball, letting Marcell Dareus getting traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Marcell Dareus was a perfect player to fill the Dallas Cowboys run stopping woes, Dareus is a player that can take out one or two linemen by himself. However, since Dareus is already off the board, another player the Cowboys should look at is Ndamukong Suh. Suh is another offensive line nightmare, he causes havoc and not only stops the run but also gets pressure on the quarterback. I know Miami says, he isn’t up for trade, but for the right offer, anyone is available. Dallas needs to at least test the waters with Miami to see what they want for Suh. Dallas run defense is ranked 14th in the league giving up 106 yards per game.

The next target the Cowboys should look into is a veteran shutdown corner. Dallas Cowboys pass defense is currently ranked 12th, which isn’t bad. But, if they’re serious about chasing a championship, they need to find a lockdown corner. The name they should be targeting is Vontae Davis who currently plays cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts. Vontae is a physical cornerback in his six-year career, he has 22 interceptions and 142 pass deflections. Although the Cowboys invested a large amount of their draft picks into defensive back in the 2017 draft they still need help.

The third target the Cowboys should look into is adding another linebacker with some substance. When Sean Lee is on the field, the defense looks in tune and perfect. But, when Sean Lee is injured the defense looks lost. Jaylon Smith has stepped up since his gruesome injury but is still on a pitch count. The Cowboys should target San Fransisco linebacker Aaron Lynch.just to add depth to their linebacker core.

The fourth target the Cowboys should look into is adding another deep threat for Dak Prescott. Everyone thought Terrance Williams, would be the other deep threat outside of Dez Bryant. Terrance Williams has been nothing but a bust, and shouldn’t have been resigned. The name that should interest the Cowboys is Pittsburgh Steelers disgruntled wide receiver, Martavis Bryant. With Martavis being 6’4, and a deep threat he will help out the Dallas offense tremendously especially with Ezekiel Elliot starting his six-game suspension this week.

The fifth and final target, the Cowboys should look into is a running back. With Ezekiel Elliot being suspended for six games, there are rumors the Cowboys have contacted the Tennessee Titans, to see if they’re willing to trade former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray. This would be perfect considering he already knows the system, and if he can deal with the fact he will always be the number two running back and never number one back when Elliot returns this would be perfect.

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